UX Design

Crafting Functional Beauty

Today´s users demand more than just high-quality experience design interfaces, they demand functional and engaging experiences.

At K-Media, we achieve this objective, by actively involving our clients in every step of our proven design processes.

Moreover, our centralised online magazine facilitates an interactive and innovative knowledge exchange between us and our clients.


UX & Interaction Design

Accessibility and simplicity is the surviving factor for any product or website. Therefore, we work closely with you every step of the way to create your perfect interface, because we know you understand your client best.

Our Process

  • Research

    Depending on the resources at hand, our research-oriented and analytical approach, aims at identifying and delivering strategic background insights to ensure the perfect strategy for your application.

  • IA & Wireframes

    A fundamental rule of UX design is to ensure that the presentation of information and the visual structure of an application correspond with user expectations and their mental models. Therefore, our experts guarantee that in order to achieve a flawless correlation between presentation and functionality, the right information is given at the place, at the right time, in the right way. 

  • User Testing

    Every client solution we develop has its unique KPI (Key Performance Indicators). Therefore, our quality assurance policies stipulate diverse user-testing methods and sessions from which we gather first hand data that leave no room for error.

  • Look & Feel Design (UI)

    Zusätzlich zum natürlichen Nutzerverhalten beim Zugriff auf eine Webseite erfasst UX-Design den entsprechenden Kontext. Somit werden unsere Produkte mit dem höchsten Maß an Integrität entwickelt, um Ihre Marke optimal zu repräsentieren.

  • Front-End Code Development

    Front-ends are the first pages users see and interact upon. Therefore, with the know-how of our designers and our quality assurance procedures at hand, we ensure absolute fluidity with your applications.

  • Integration Support

    It is important to us that the solutions we provide matches all your requirements and expectations. Therefore we provide technical assistance and support during all steps of our developing process.

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